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The First Circles

January 24, 2008

For More Laissez-faire Wall Street Wants Regulations

Dom Serafini

Italy’s New Economic Order Explained in Guido Rossi’s Book (read the Italian version at:

January 23, 2008

A visit to The Bronx High School of Science

Dom Serafini
You Tube
A Visit to the Bronx School of Science (in Italian)

A visit to The Bronx High School of Science

January 19, 2008

New Year's observations: Immigrants Serve Italy Well

Dom Serafini

Milano during the New Year's celebrations. Pundits, predicting an enigmatic year, have designated it as 008. ...

January 15, 2008

Against Rudy Giuliani the Strategy Is to Divide Italian-Americans

Dom Serafini
Rudy Giuliani

In Italy, amid political turmoil that is absorbing public opinion, people are hardly aware that America is preparing for a new presidential election. This realization is...

January 8, 2008

Two Visions of the Real Italy: Rich and Unhappy or Poor But Happy?

Dom Serafini
Uploaded by Bēn on Flickr

My highly contested argument was that Italians are rich yet discontent. The other side contended that, to the contrary, Italians are poor but very happy...

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