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Obama. A Hope That I Had Kept Alive Inside Me

Obama. A Hope That I Had Kept Alive Inside Me

Fred Gardaphe (November 5, 2008)

I am writing this as President-elect Barack Obama gives his victory speech and I can't help but feel that there has been something inside me that has finally been let out.


It's hard to put words to what that is exactly, but I know that part of it is O since the first time I learned that hard work can change the way things are.  This was something I accomplished back when we worked to get the 18 year- -old right to vote.  It was carried through the ending of the Viet Nam War, and became something I kept alive inside m

e as I worked my way through education and then made education my life's work. 

I felt good when I voted today; better than I have for many years.  I had a spring in my step that usually comes along the first day of spring each year, and here we are deep into autumn.  I left political thoughts behind as I taught my courses, but as soon as my work ended for the day, I began to get a chill.  It was a combination of worry and excitement.  The only thing I could think of to do to start calling people.  First in my family-my mother, who at 82 voiced her support of Obama in a neighborhood of McCain supporters; my daughter, who while dealing with work, her education, and her one-year-old son found the time to spread the word throughout her network of friends to get out and vote; and to my son, who has been working for Obama for the past two years, the last 15 months in his campaign and who left his home in Chicago to do what needed to be done in Florida.  I talked to everyone who was close to me between the end of work and the end of the election. 

A good 6 hours have passed, and now that all the talking is over it's time to rest, to get the energy to begin another tomorrow, one that will be different in a way that none of my tomorrows have promised for a long time for me.  I have regained a belief that those who have come together through the support of our new president, can continue through and after his days to solve the problems that have plagued us yesterday, today and tomorrow.   

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