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The Zen Philosophy of My Dogs

The Zen Philosophy of My Dogs

Darrell Fusaro (June 18, 2015)
Fusaro 2015
Share the good news.

This will make your tail wag.


If you really would like to have an incredible day, a day where you enjoy one great experience after the next and good fortune seems to follow you everywhere you go, try this.  Practice the Zen philosophy of the dog. 

Several weeks ago I woke up in the morning in a very depressed state.  I felt overwhelmed and encouraged myself like a firm and loving parent to keep moving forward.  Marching ahead with the belief that by sticking to my morning routine; coffee, inspired reading, prayer, prioritizing my schedule, shower, breakfast, etc.., my mood would improve.  It was during the time between finishing my morning prayer/contemplation and prioritizing my schedule for the day that I gazed upon my dogs, Gabby and Mr. French sleeping on their bed together.  Feeling the sting of self-pity I thought, "I wish I was a dog.  Life would be so much simpler.  I'd be happy."  I fantasized about how I'd enjoy life much better going throughout my day as a dog.  Then I heard a voice say, "You could live like that now."  It was the mature voice that comes from a much higher thought plane than my own.  I know this because my personal response was, "Huh? Really?"  Followed by, "Yeah, That's a great idea!"  Once I committed to this decision I began to look forward to my daily activities already anticipating the wonderful time I was going to have from one moment to the next.   I jotted down the ways in which my dogs respond to situations and, with a firm decision to stick to their simple philosophy, stepped out enthusiastically.  This practice kept my mood high and attracted good fortune throughout my day.  Excited by the results, I shared it with my friends, it even became a topic for discussion on the weekly podcast I co-host, Funniest Thing! with Darrell and Ed.  The episode is titled,  "Hey, Hey, We're The Monkeys!", Click here to download/listen.  Here it is.

The Zen philosophy of the dog.

Always greet people enthusiastically.
Dogs freely express their love.  Whether you know them well, or not at all, commit to stirring up an enthusiastic feeling of love toward everyone who crosses your path.  Even if just in mind and sharing only a smile you will feel a surge of positive energy.  Better than coffee!

Whatever it is, shake it off.

let go of upsetting events as soon as they're over.  They physically shake it off and start fresh to live freely in the next moment.  If something upsets you shake it off, hit the mental reset button, and move forward into the greater good the next moment has to offer.  

Ask for what you REALLY want.
Dogs are never concerned about how they might be judged if they ask for what they really want.  If they don't get what they've asked for, they are able to accept it as if there must be something better in store for them.  Experiment with asking for what you really want.  It's exhilarating and you will be surprised how often the answer is YES!

Be eager to go on new adventures.

Dogs cheerfully step out boldly.  Remind yourself that life happens outside your comfort zone.  Follow your hunches.  Say, "Yes!"

–Darrell Fusaro
L-R, Furry four-legged gurus Mr. French and Gabby.

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