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Italian Gambling Site and the US Presidential Election

Italian Gambling Site and the US Presidential Election

Laura E. Ruberto (August 11, 2008)
Actor & Former Republican Presidential Candidate, Fred Thompson's website, now an Italian online gaming site

Betting on the 2008 US Presidential Election with an online Italian gambling site.


There's not much to say here; I can only present what I've learned (thanks SPD!).


Actor (think "Law and Order"  or "The Hunt for Red October") Fred Thompson, a one-time Republican Presidential hopeful, started a website back in the fall, after announcing on Jay Leno his interest in running for president. The website has since been bought by an online Italian gaming business. Is this a joke? You'll have to decide for yourself.


The political bloggers are all over it--see wonkette. com. It makes me think it might be about time we start our own online Italian American-political blog spot, say,



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sciorra's picture

pettegolezzi italo-americani?, eh? you might hear from some of those online "wopettes" who have already laid claim to the name. :)