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The 9 Phases of the Creative Process ILLUSTRATED!

The 9 Phases of the Creative Process ILLUSTRATED!

Darrell Fusaro (December 15, 2012)
Fusaro 2012

"Being human, all of us are creative by nature. Developing enough faith to trust our intuition is what the creative process is all about."


The creative process is an exercise in faith.  Being human, all of us are creative by nature.  Developing enough faith to trust our intuition is what the creative process is all about.  And that’s why even the simplest art assignments are a lesson in successful living.  By paying attention to what I go through during the creative process I’ve realized there seems to be nine phases from start to finish.  I’ve illustrated them as “The Nine Phases of the Creative Process” as a way to help me from losing faith whenever I feel frustrated.

I’m convinced that once inspiration strikes; the conscious mind believes it has to takeover to get the job done.  The problem with the conscious mind however, is that it bases its entire ability to solve problems on past experience.  Since it can find no reference for something that hasn’t been created before, the conscious mind begins to see it as something that can’t be done.  That’s when we begin to become full of self-doubt.   The next mistake is to try to overcome our feelings of self-doubt with self-will and determination.  This only brings frustration, which leads to a crucial jumping off point.  Do we continue to push harder or do we take a break and relax?

It’s a choice between fear (continue to push harder) and faith (relax and take it easy).  Trying to push through will only bring more frustration.  Once you understand that frustration is an indicator that you’ve been choking out your spirit with self-will it’s easier to decide to take a break.  I hope that my illustration of “The Nine Phases of the Creative Process,” helps you relax when you mistakenly feel the urge to push harder.  Reassuring yourself with the truth that by relaxing and letting go intuitive guidance will become clear and you will be re-inspired.  Have faith in your intuition; it’s divine guidance, your super-consciousness.  During the creative process your job is not to figure out how to make it happen.  Your job is to simply trust and allow intuition to be your guide.  Above all DO NOT BE AFRAID OF SILLY IDEAS.  They are the divine guidance of angels and directions to a better than expected outcome

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