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We recreated a picnic of nearly 75 years ago

We recreated a picnic of nearly 75 years ago

Crystal May Ainardi (June 17, 2008)
Northern Italians in 1935

I had set out last year to find all the descendants and living from the photograph above. It turned out to be very hard work, but with patience, phone calls, emails, and letters. I found a large majority of la mia famiglia. It was the most rewarding event ever.


If I hadn't tried to be such the hostess , I would had cried

Names present at 1935 picnic



Present 2008, the decendants :

Not pictured but were there:

is Mario Tonda
Dino Patricelli
Bud "joe" Patricelli
Tara Patricelli
Nick Patricelli
Justin Smith (ainardi)
Lori Nevil (anarde)
Frank Gaul(tonda)

IN picture:

1bob tonda,
2 mildred cooper (ainardi),
3 Louise huden (grosso),
4 john grosso,
5 Marian favro,
6 jeanne burt (patricelli),
7 james servizi,
8 marialee brewer (parisio),
9 Tillie Jones (favro),
10 bill belmondo,
11 Ivona little (gotti),
12 georgio cooper(riffero),
13 Marie holm (ainardi),
14 bill anardi,
15 pat anardi,
16 tarik hagen (anardi),
17  Alec jones(tonda),
18 trevor mathews (belmondo),
19 rich ellingsen(grosso),
20 teresa hjelle (grosso),
21 Angie jones( tonda),
22 kristina holm (ainardi),
23 tyler holm (ainardi),
24  marlene Ainardi,
25 sandy anarde (ainardi,)
26 gene anarde(ainardi)
27 melanie gillis (ainardi),
28 sandy schwendeman (ainardi),
29 marianne oliver anarde (ainardi)
30 jennie oliver (ainardi),
31 marissa anarde(ainardi)
32 Luanne Moore (dilonardo) & Nina Moore (dilonardo),
33 richard favro,
34 maddie favro,
35 vicki storment (favro),
36 kay donti (favro),
37 anna jean jensen (servizi )
38 bill webster (ainardi) ,
39 gleen huden (grosso),
40 john grosso,
41 stan brewer (parisio),
42 kathleen tonda,
43 unknown,
44 gail webster (ainardi),
45 Mike anardi,
46 dolly anardi,
47 Lisa hagen (anardi),
48 cooper ewing (riffero),
49 brad anardi,
50 kim anardi,
51 randy hagen (anardi),
52 keanna c ellingsen (grosso,)
53 keith anarde(ainardi),
54 lanise kennedy (ainardi),
55 crystal ainardi,
56 ron huden( grosso,)
57 danny norton (ainardi) ,
58  Ashely webster (ainardi) ,
59 Andrea Mathews(belmondo),
60 keagan mathews (belmondo),
61 Alexis Mathews (belmondo),
62 Gavin smith (ainardi),
63 keaton fisher (ainardi)
64 unknown,
65 unknown,
66 unknown,
67 robert kennedy jr (ainardi),
68 Amanda elliott (ainardi),
69 Micheal Maquiling (ainardi),
70 jennifer norton elliott(ainardi),
71 Allen gonzales (belmondo),
72 Lillan norton (ainardi),
73 nancy elliot(ainardi),
74 donald elliot(ainardi),
75 marilyn bonior jensen (servizi),
76 patty huso (grosso),
77 arthur burt(patericelli),
78 roxanne cooper (riffero),
79 carol kennedy (ainardi),
80 kathleen tonda,
81raven smith(ainardi),
82 terry gibson (ainardi),
83 lois gibson(ainardi),
84 leola patricelli (riffero),
85 marylu angstead (patricelli),
86 Jenny reed(sylvia)& Andre edelin(sylvia),
87 fred white (ainardi),
88 suzie munday(tonda),
89 Mary jo Larsen (tonda),
90 unknown,
91 unknown,
92 glenn kennedy (ainardi),
93 andrea norton (ainardi),
94 joanne gregory (belmondo),
95 brian hansen (favro),
96 bob Kennedy (ainardi),
97 don ellingsen (grosso),
98 joe huden (grosso),
99 dave tonda,
100 Andy & chandler ewing (riffero)


Go out there and get your  family together, its a amazing feeling seeing your face within all the family you never met.

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Hi Crystal: I am Fred Cordola and my family were from NW of Torino in a town called Condove and Cordole. I visitied them in 2001 and still keep in touch. I guess the photo was taken in Italy?

Cordola from CONDOVE (TO) - Italy.

Hello Fred,

I think this is interesting for you:

Please let me know if you need other info.

Greetings from Susa Valley, the country of your ancestors.

Silvio TONDA

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Riffero Family Tree

Hi, Crystal! I believe my family tree (Riffero) is represented in this photo as my roots are from Northern Italy--Mattie--just like you.

I actually have an old family photo that is of the same thing--an Italian picnic. I gave a copy of it to someone who contacted me a few years back when he was doing the same thing: trying to find out who everyone was in the photo he had. He was excited when he received yet another photo from me. I still have his email addy if you want to contact him as he seemed to be extensively into his research.

I just attended Festa Italiana at the Seattle Center on September 27th and it was the best one yet! :)

ainardi's picture


Ciao! We are likely cousins then! As I am related to the Riffero's. Did you grow up in Renton area?

I think the man you speak of it Rich Engllisen Grosso. He is in the newer picture. I found him a year ago. Good man, he helped me research and find a lot of these people.

Riffero Family Tree (continued)

Yes, that is him..Richard. So yes, that photo did come from my Dad then and I am the one who owns it now.

My Dad, George, lived in Renton for awhile in that same area I think--his parents owned a home there. I grew up in Olympia and that is where my parents spent the majority of their lives. I live up in the Seattle area now.

There's a few of us from my family on Facebook: Darryl (my older brother) he just added it and has used it once I think ha ha; Daniel (my nephew); and Leah (my niece) will be joining soon. Leah had a boy almost exactly two years ago (Logan) so we are keeping the Italian family going...I just got that "Not Only Am I Perfect...I'm Italian Too" shirt for him (on my page) at Festa Italiana. I can't wait to see him in it but it's still kind of big. My Mom was 100% Norwegian so I got my Italian side from my Father who passed on October 3, 1996.

Surfer's picture

This is impressive!

Crystal, this is really amazing. How did you do that? How long did it take? _Otto

ainardi's picture

Being persistent!!

Hi Otto,

I started this search around September last year, shortly after I found the original picture. In the original picture is my great grandparents and many second/ third cousins and great aunts and great uncles. Many of their families I never met, yet a lot of them remained in the area that our family had all immigrated to.

I did white pages searches just putting in peoples last name following their family trees, myspace, face book, had a City council member help me look,and even called newspapers to run stories.

All of our picnic photos are on under the name metrc album "Italian picnic" I invite you to look, it was amazing. I plan to do this every year from now on, and wonder why I didn't do it earlier!!

Hi! I've heard so much about you!

Ciao Crystal,

This is Jeanne Burt's grand daughter, Ali. I've heard a lot about you and your quest to track down ALL of our relatives. I thought I'd say hi, since I just stumbled upon your blog. Have you been to Mattie? I went last August and it has truely an amazing experience. It was like going home in a lot of ways. I recommend it if you haven't gone!

Take care and if you have another pinic let me know! [email protected]!

ciao ciao!