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I was just inches away from my dream

I was just inches away from my dream

Darrell Fusaro (March 30, 2011)
Fusaro 2011

I took a look around at all the incredible artwork on display in the gallery and thought, "What's the use?"


Upon entering my first year of college, the freshmen art students were invited to the senior art student's exhibit.  It is a great way to inspire the well-adjusted freshmen as to what they will soon be capable of.  When I entered the gallery with the other students, I took one look around at all the incredible artwork on display in the gallery and thought, "What's the use?"  

The enormity of ever being able to accomplish what they had done was too much.  I left and joined the Military.  I figured this act of patriotism would mask my cowardice.  During my five years of active duty I learned one of the most valuable tools for success and it came in the form of the silly little slogan, "Inch by inch, life is a cinch, by the yard it's hard."  At first this gave me the courage to pick up where I had left off and re-apply to an Art School upon my discharge.

After being accepted, this slogan became a regular mantra of mine.   Everyday when I felt like giving up because the goal seemed too enormous for where I was at the time, I would remind myself of this simple truth, "Inch by inch, life's a cinch, by the yard it's hard."  It calmed me down and relieving me of self-imposed pressure I could focus on what I was doing at that moment.  Rather than getting caught up in thoughts of where I should be and the overwhelming tasks I needed to do to get there, I began to just enjoy finishing each assignment, one by one, inch by inch.

Ironically it did not take long for this method to start paying huge dividends.   I began receiving scholarships and awards for my work.  And while still a student, I was invited to become an honorary member of the NJ Art Directors Club.  At the Club's reception, one of the members, who was also a college professor, asked if I would be available to speak to her students on the secret to my success.   I was flattered and without hesitation said, "Of course!"  When she told me where she taught I was blown away, it was the very school I had left defeated by my own outlook years before.  How ironic, I left that school overwhelmed by the burden of my own doubts and I got to return as an inspiration.  I brought hope to a new generation of art students sharing the secret of my success; a silly little slogan that when applied brings so much more than expected. "Inch by inch, life's a cinch!"


It was so incredible I saved one of the posters that hung in
the William Paterson University Student Center.

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