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February 23, 2015

“Italian Signs” of Italian American Scholars: Genovese, Lentricchia, DiLorenzo, Parenti and Paglia … Outsiders – Inside Academia

Tom Verso

The work of some of the most renowned Italian American humanities and social science scholars reveals little if any American Italianita – per se. This is to say: humanities...

February 13, 2015

Rome’s Thousand Year ‘Battle With The Gods’ in Southern Italy and Sicily … The Birth of Christendom (aka Western Civilization)

Tom Verso
A Child of the Syriac Civilization was Born – who would replace the Roman ‘Establishment’ with His Bishops and the Empire with His Church.

Italy, from Rome south thru Sicily, was the vortex of ancient Mediterranean cultures, the place where the vast and various cultures of the Mediterranean Basin from Spain over to...

January 3, 2015

Garibaldi and Victor Emanuel II … With Heroes Like These Who Needs Enemies? ... ‘Court Historians’ and Nietzsche’s “Zarathustra”

Tom Verso
Garibaldi ----------------- scene from "Li chiamarono... briganti!" (They called them... brigands!) ------- Victor Emanuel

In Palermo, a major boulevard is named “Via Vittorio Emanuele”; there is the “Teatro Garibaldi” and “Via Garibaldi”. Similarly, in Naples’ center is “Garibaldi...