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Unieuro Elettrodomestici and
Eataly…Alba is an insane hotbed
of activity.”
The Langhe area also has ties
to the anti-fascist Resistance
“True. But it’s not as though we
did anything out of the ordinary.
We just knew how to tell our
story.Thanks to major writers
like Cesare Pavese and Beppe
Fenoglio. Once told, a thing lives
on. If it’s not told, then it’s already
dead.The people of Alba have a
great talent for telling their story.”
And how do you account for
“We believe that everything
happens on account of the
wind.The answer is always in
the wind.The moist winds from
the gulf of Genoa and Savona
reach the cold air from the
Alps, so you can breathe in the
sea air while you’re in the hills.
This biodiversity extends to the
vegetables and animals as well as
to human beings, to their creative
What part of the Langhe do you
love best?
“I live in Novello, in the area of
Barolo. Novello, Barolo, Morra
and Monforte form a rectangle
of beauty, a valley of splendors
that is the valley of Barolo. Full of
castles. Everything’s special, and
the period of the grape harvest is
extraordinary. After that comes
truffle season.”
What about tourism? Is the area
well known to foreigners?
“Tourism grows forty percent
every year. It mostly attracts rich
tourists.They eat well and sleep
in castles…The number of rooms
has tripled.”
And howdo you spend your time?
“Walking in the countryside,
visiting castles, wine cellars,
farms, museums.There’s always
something to do.”
Do you have any advice for
American tourists?
“Spend at least three days in
the Langhe. It’s the best place
to eat in Italy.The quality of life
is best. And the hilly panorama
is first-rate. It’s on par with
Montalcino and Chianti.Tuscany
only has one advantage over
us – a hundred more days of
warmweather! There’s a reason
the wine produced in Langhe is
called Nebbiolo.We’ve got the fog
in Italian). But the Langhe
is cooler. And it’s good that fewer
people come here. So come, but
don’t come all at once.”
Finally, is there a particular
dish and wine you’d
“We have the richest cuisine
in Italy. A menu with 18 to 22
appetizers. Five first courses,
various second courses. And
then there’s the cheese, among
them Robiola. Gourmands
consider beef from Piedmont
to be the best in the world. The
only beef to eat
(raw) raw.
I’d recommend eating
with a glass of Dolcetto.
Then try agnolotti al plin (pasta
stuffed with three roast meats)
with Barbera Superiore d’Alba.
After that, brasato al Barolo and
a glass of Barolo. For dessert, a
light amaretto cake, a delicacy
you have to eat with a glass of
Moscato d’Asti.
How’s that for the ultimate
journey? Breathtaking
landscapes, hillsides dotted
with castles, vine-laden slopes,
a whole lot of history and one
culture’s gift for storytelling. Not
to mention Oscar Farinetti’s gift
for keeping this story alive in the
Photo:Archivio -EnteTuriasmoAlbaBraLangheRoero
The Worldwide Fair of Alba’s White
Truffle is the place to get to know the
real truffle, to plunge into this storied
and heavily-scented market. Every
truffle on sale has been examined by
a Commission prior to being shown to
the public.
Come for the truffles, stay for the
entertainment. Check
out folklore events
in the main piazza,
exhibits, cultural of-
ferings, live music,
sports and a whole
lot of street markets.
Every year the fair opens with the
“Hundred Tower Tournament”, a se-
ries of events starting with the Inves-
titure of the Podesta, an evening of
dressing up in medieval costumes in
the piazza of the Duomo, magically lit
up with bonfires.
The evening
is just a taste
of what’s to
come, a mar-
velous his-
toric procession
culminating in the Palio of Donkeys.
This year the 84th Alba International
White Truffle Fair will be held every
weekend from October 11 through
November 16.
ast year, the 2013 edition of the
Fair was inaugurated in New
York with an exclusive event at the
Metropolitan Museum of Art by
Lidia Bastianich (
in the picture to the
left with Paola Farinetti, head of the
Alba Town Council’s Culture Depart-
). On that occasion the “Queen
of Italian Cuisine” was nominated
Ambassador of the Truffle in the
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