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by Iwona Adamczyk
The new addition to one of
the busiest stores in NewYork
City, Macy’s Herald Square
is proving to be a true star
(or “stella” in Italian). Stella
34, a modern trattoria-style
restaurant, is quickly becoming a
destination not just for shoppers,
including many Italians
overwhelmed by the scale of the
nine-floor department store, but
also for many NewYork foodies
in search of Italian treasures.
A little over a year ago, Mascy’s
flagship store partnered with
Patina Restaurant Group to offer
an unusual space for an upscale
restaurant within the 111 year-
old landmark store.The space
A badly needed oasis in the
chaotic shopping world of
Macy’s Herald Square, this
restaurant is becoming a
destination for Italian-
leaning foodies and a favorite
in the garment district.
6th floor, Stella34
something for every
aperitivo togelato,
frompanini to
andavast selectionof
wines. And, of course,
great pizzas.
on i-Italy
is as stunning as it is unusual,
taking up 11,500 square feet on
Macy’s sixth floor.
The first thing to strike you
walking into Stella 34 is the
glow of its dining room. As
bright light enters through
the oversized bay windows
boasting views of the Empire
State Building and Herald Square
below, it creates a welcoming
and warm atmosphere.This
is further emphasized by the
carefully selected colors and
the playfulness of the decor,
including walls filled with
caricatures of food celebrities,
bold turquoise vases filled with
yellow flowers or lemons, and
more turquoise glasses on the
dining tables that echo the attire
of the waitstaff.
An inviting bar introduces
guests to the Italian tradition
of the late afternoon aperitivo,
serving specially priced Italian
wines, beers, and cocktails
accompanied by complimentary
seasonal savory bites. And
don’t forget the heavenly
Vivoli Gelateria located at one
June-July 2014
corner of the bar: it belongs to
third-generation gelato maker
SilvanaVivoli from Florence,
who’s brought her famous treats
outside of their home city for
the first time.
For those on the go the take-
out counter will prepare classic
panini and Neapolitan-style
pizzas; both meat lovers and
vegetarians alike will find
something satisfying on the
But if you’re looking for a more
sophisticated dining experience,
get comfortable in the radiant
dining room, with its open
kitchen and three wood-burning
ovens. Executive chef Jarett
Appell, an American master of
Italian cuisine, will wow even the
most demanding palates. Having
worked for over two years in
distinguished restaurants in
Rome, Naples, Parma, and
Verona he has developed a
deep passion for traditional
Italian cuisine and food culture,
based on fresh ingredients and
seasonality, and complemented
with masterful creativity.
Appell proves his best talent
with such dishes as Paccheri
Napoletana (large hollow tube-
shaped pasta with braised beef
ragu, caramelized onions, and
Parmigiano Reggiano cheese)
and Strozzapreti con Seppia
(twisted cuttlefish-ink pasta with
cuttlefish in spicy pepper sauce
topped with bread crumbs). But
he also makes delicious pizzas.
In a recent exclusive appearance
on our i-ItalyNYTV show, he
taught the audience how to
prepare a Pizza Scafata (with
peas, favas, asparagus, spring
onions, smoked mozzaralla and
bacon, garnished with pecorino
cheese and mint).
Stella 34 proudly proposes over
200 Italian wines to compliment
the chef’s creations and has
been granted the Ospitalità
Italiana seal by the Italy-America
Chamber of Commerce—an
official recognition of its high
quality approach to Italian
cuisine. No wonder that since
its inception in late 2013 it
has become a destination for
many Italian-leaning foodies
in the City, including crowds
of Italian tourists who literally
shout for joy when they discover
this familiar oasis during their
unforgettable Macy’s shopping
tour —
Forget hot-dogs for today,
you’ve found a
Jarett Appell
Chef at Stella 34
151W 34th Street
Tel. (212) 967-9251
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