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Festival : Fabrizio
Sotti andFriends
Highline Ballroom
431 W 16th Street
The Blue Note Jazz Festival is back
for its fourth year. From June 1-30
over 150 premier artists performing
at over 15 venues throughout New
York City. Fabrizio Sotti, an Italian-
American jazz guitarist, composer,
songwriter and producer, will play
jazz standards and tunes from his
latest duet album
Right Now
in the
stellar company of Melanie Fiona,
Claudia Acuña, M1 of Dead Prez,
Mino Cinelu L’Officiel, Tony Grey,
Algebra’s Fan Page, Raymond An-
gry, Res, James Genus, Alberto Pizzo
and others! Since moving to New
York in 1991, Sotti has solidified
his reputation as a major presence
in the jazz world with solo releases
This World Upside Down
Through My Eyes
in 2004 and
Inner Dance
in 2010.
Motivation in
Learning Italian
Italian Cultural Institute of
686 Park Avenue
A lecture by professor Palo Balbo-
ni. The topic pertains to the field of
neurolinguistics, but it will be dealt
with from the teacher’s perspective.
Teachers have to help students to
acquire Italian, i.e., to store words,
grammar, speech acts, cultural
models into their brains and minds
– and knowing how the brain and
the mind work in language learn-
ing becomes of paramount impor-
tance in order to let teachers work
properly so that learning will take
place. The second part of the talk
is based on the fact that the hard-
ware and the software of language
acquisition, i.e. the brain and the
mind, need power in order to work.
Introduced by Anthony J. Tamburri
Dean of the John D. Calandra Italian
American Institute of Queens Col-
lege, CUNY and Professor of Italian
& Italian/American Studies.
TheDivine: The
Westchester ItalianCultural
One Generoso Pope
Place, Tuckahoe
The Museum of Moving Image
will screen the Italian feature film
The Balancing Act
directed by Ivano
De Matteo and starring Valerio
Mastandrea and Barbora Bobulova.
The 2012 Italian-French drama
premiered at the 69th Venice In-
ternational Film Festival, where
Valerio Mastandrea received the
Pasinetti Award. Mastandrea was
also awarded the David di Donatello
award for best actor.
I giovani italiani di
Italian Cultural Institute of
686 Park Avenue
This symposium will continue
the discussion begin during the
first encounter of “I giovani italiani
di NY”. Panlists will come from a
variety of professions and speak to
their experiences as young Italians
and the challenges they face in to-
day’s fast-pace professional worlds.
The discussion will be modertated
by Anthony Julian Tamburri, Dean,
John D. Calandra Italian American
Institute. Reception to follow. This
event is co-sponsored by ILICA
(Italian Language Inter-Cultural Al-
June-July 2014
June1&2: Italy’sNationalDay
Festa della Repubblica Italiana
his year the festival commemorating te birth of the Italian Republic
(1946) will take place over two days, one for grownups and one for
the children. Things get started on Sunday, June 1, with a
big Italian
treasure hunt
organized by the Italian Consulate General.The top prize is a
Vespa! Festivities continue all day on June 2, capped by the grand finale, a
jazz concert featuring Marco Cappelli’s Italian Surf Academy trio. It’s going
to be a marathon of
throughout NewYork.There will be an official
Assassination of Matteotti
to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the event.
There is also a surprise in store for the Italian Brand Ambassador ICE event
on extra-virgin olive oil.The following is a list of participating organizers: the
Italian Consulate,Isitututo di Cultura,ICE,ENIT,Scuola d’Italia,Centro Primo
Levi, Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò and La Scuola d’Italia Guglilemo Marconi.
Below you will find a schedule of events. For updates on the festival, please
log on to the Italian Consulate General of NewYork website.
JUNE 1ST, 2014
2:00 pm-6:00 pm
- Consulate
General of Italy (690 Park Avenue).
ItalianTreasure Hunt.
7:00 pm-9:00 pm
- High Line Ball-
room (431West 16th St). ICE Event
“Italian BrandAmbassador” award
and Jazz Concert.
JUNE 1ST, 2014
10:00 am-5 pm
- Scuola d’Italia “G.
Marconi” (406 East 96
St) in collab-
oration with CONI USA.“National
Sports Day.”
10:30 am-11:30 am
- Consul-
ate General of Italy. Bestowing of
11:30 am
Consulate General of Italy.
Opening of the exhibit “Velvet Park”
byTeresa Cinque.
12:30 pm-8:30 pm
- ICE. Exhibits
of the Made in Italy luxury brands
- Fashion (C.Attolini and R. Curiel),
Accessories (D. Cenci),Automotive
(Finmeccanica, Maserati, Piag-
gio), Publishing (World Cup Panini
Modena), Hand-Crafted Goods.
2:00 pm-5:30 pm
- ICE. Educational
tastings of wines, cheeses and
salami.TwistingTastin: an amusing
and educationalTorcolato (twisted)
wine tasting and food pairing of-
fered by Alberto Zamperla.
4:30 pm-5:30 pm
- Consulate
General of Italy. Bestowing of
4.30 pm
- Italian Cultural Institute
(686 Park Avenue).“Kickstarting #2”
Performance by Andrea Mastrovito
5:30 pm
- ICE. USA debut screening
of Ferrari’s “CaliforniaT.”
6:00 pm
- Consulate General of
Italy. ENIT (Italian NationalTour-
ist Agency).“EXPOMilano 2015
Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life -
Come to Italy and meet the world”
6:00 pm
- Casa Italiana Zerilli- Ma-
rimò ( 24West 12th street) in col-
laboration with Primo-Levi Center.
Panel “Giacomo Matteotti, Father
of the Republic” followed by the
screening of the film“The Assas-
sination of Matteotti” by Florestano
7:00 pm
- Consulate General of
Women of theWorld
sing the
Italian National anthem and the
anthem of the European Union;
Greeting of Italian dignitaries;Trea-
sure Hunt award ceremony.
7:30 pm-8:30 pm
- Italian Cultural
Institute. Concert by JazzTrio “Mar-
co Cappelli’s Italian Surf Academy”.
Marco Cappelli on guitar, Damon
Banks on bass and Mathias Kuntzli
on drums.
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