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Ambassador Claudio Bisognero, who took
the opportunity to remember the AP Italian
program: “A great chance for those students
who want to enter the workplace at the top
of their game.”
“We all hope that the school can establish
a solid reputation among Americans
and, at any rate, all non-Italians who live
in NewYork,” said Natalia Quintavalle,
Consul General of Italy to NewYork,
“as an alternative for broader cultural
Also attending the gala—as a father—was
beloved Italian singer Lorenzo Cherubini,
better known as Jovanotti. When we asked
him what he thought to be the school’s
greatest strength, he said, “Definitely its
multiple identity, the fact that it’s an Italian
school open to both the best American and
best European methods for teaching.”
honors theschool’s
supports future
endeavors to
Now celebrating its thirty-seventh
anniversary, La scuola d’Italia Gugliemo
Marconi has established a substantial presence
in NewYork, acting as an ambassador of
Italian culture and language, and being
committed to giving the next generation
a topnotch education. Marconi provides
bilingual classes to students frompreschool
through high school, bringing together the
best of both educational systems.While the
school’s mission is firmly anchored in Italy’s
glorious past, its compass is always pointing
toward the future. In fact, as headmaster
Anna Fiore explains,“Italian creativity doesn’t
die, and we’re the ones passing it on to the
next generations, especially important in an
international city like NewYork, where our
alumni will become citizens of a global city.”
This year’s Gala Benefit is an important
occasion for honoring the school’s successes
and supporting its future endeavors.The
Benefit brings together parents, teachers,
students and notablemembers of NewYork’s
cultural and business communities.The party
was held at Cipriani’s stunning event space
in the heart of Manhattan, once home to the
National City Bank. New chairman of the board
SteveAcunto summed up the school’s mission
nicely: “We have to focus on quality. For us,
the Scuola d’Italia has to provide a Champions
League education open tomulticulturalism.”
The Scuola d’Italia has practiced various
methods to achieve its goal, one example
being the agreement made last March between
the Scuola and the Università per Stranieri
di Perugia.“Signing this memorandum,”
explained Professor Giovanni Paciullo, Rector
of the Università per Stranieri di Perugia,
“paves the way for organizing Italian courses
for adults at the Scuola d’Italia.”
Emceed by distinguished TV journalist
Maria Bartiromo, the gala also provided an
occasion to award honorees for their hard
work, such as Cristiana Falcone Sorrell,
Senior Adviser to the Chairman of the
World Economic Forum. “Being on stage to
introduce Cristiana, especially doing it under
the auspices of the Scuola d’Italia gala, is
a real thrill for me,” said Lucia Pasqualini,
Deputy Consul of Italy in NewYork.
Another honored guest was Italian
NYCLife - Channel 25
Saturdays, 11:00PM
Sundays, 1 :00PM
June-July 2014
Jovanotti performing
at the Gala
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