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New York

Massimo Ranieri in New York. "I Sing Because I Can't Swim"

Neapolitan singer Massimo Ranieri shares his New York-related memories with Letizia Airos and tells stories about his beginnings.

New York. Festa della Repubblica 2012

The Consulate General, ENIT, ITC, The Italian Cultural Institute and the Scuola d'Italia opened their doors to all. This year the birth of the Italian republic was celebrated, for...

Massimo Vignelli. Timelessness @ IIC

New York. Interview by Letizia Airos with Massimo Vignelli about "Timelessness", his exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute. Open to the public, As a result of the strong...

Pino Daniele. Apollo Theatre. Backstage

Pino Daniele ... few minutes before his concert @ Apollo Theater in Harlem. Pino Daniele ... qualche minuto prima del suo concerto all'Apollo Theatre di Harlem al nostro microfono..

Interview with Claudio Bisogniero, Italian Ambassador to the U.S.

Letizia Airos

In this interview, Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero, discusses the role of the Italian and Italian-American community in the United States, the strong emotional ties between America...

Serafina Meatpacking - NYC Grand Opening

The opening party for Serafina's new Meatpacking District with owners Fabio Granato, Vittorio Assaf and sommelier Alessandra Rotondi

Massimo Vignelli

"If you can design one thing, you can design anything". New York. Interview by Letizia Airos with Massimo Vignelli. Massimo Vignelli has worked in a wide variety of areas,...

I-Art / Andrea Mastrovito

New York. Andrea Mastrovito's pop-up books @ the Moroso showroom in New York. Comment by critic and curator Renato Miracco

Giorgio Radicati. 11 settembre. Io c'ero

Meeting with Giorgio Radicati, Consul General in New York during the days of the Twin Towers Attack

New York. Talking with Italian Directors. Open Roads Film Festival 2011

June 2011. The cinematic festival is at its 11th edition, this year. It takes place in New York. i-Italy interviewed the cutators Richard Pena and Antonio Monda, the Consul...

Eataly New York. Una Birra con Roy

Roy Paci plays @ BirreIia Eataly in NYC


"A Lab for the New Italian South: A CONVERSATION WITH NICHI VENDOLA" Wednesday, November 17 · 2010 . Nichi Vendola(President of Apulia) in conversation with Pasquale Pasquino...

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