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Interview with Claudio Bisogniero, Italian Ambassador to the U.S.

Letizia Airos

In this interview, Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero, discusses the role of the Italian and Italian-American community in the United States, the strong emotional ties between America...

I-Art / Andrea Mastrovito

New York. Andrea Mastrovito's pop-up books @ the Moroso showroom in New York. Comment by critic and curator Renato Miracco

Eataly New York. Una Birra con Roy

Roy Paci plays @ BirreIia Eataly in NYC

RON in New York: A Concert and a Musical Conversation

RON IN CONCERT: January 17, 7:30 @ Sullivan Room (218 Sullivan St. Manhattan). BOX OFFICE: inticketing ( CHATTING WITH RON: "MUSIC AND SOLIDARITY" January 21,...

One World. Chatting with Claudio Baglioni

Letizia Airos & Maria Rita Latto

One of the most beloved artists in Italian popular music history speaks with us from Rome about his tour which will come to New York with a much-anticipated concert at the Angel...


"A Lab for the New Italian South: A CONVERSATION WITH NICHI VENDOLA" Wednesday, November 17 · 2010 . Nichi Vendola(President of Apulia) in conversation with Pasquale Pasquino...

Director Stefano Albertini Presents Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò's New Website

Professor Stefano Albertini, director of Casa Italiana Zerili Marimò at NYU, launches the new website, built and maintaned in collaboration with i-Italy

An Italian-American Presepio

Folklorist Joe Sciorra talks about his interpretation of a peculiarly Italian and Italian American tradition

Immigrants in Italy Today. Italians in the Early Years of the 20th Century

FOOD FOR THOUGHT / STUZZICHINI. Episode 8. Anthony Tamburri, Dean of the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute of Queens College/CUNY comments on Gian Antonio Stella's...

Interviews / Franco Battiato at (H)itWeek in L.A.

Darrell Fusaro

i-Italy correspondent Darrell Fusaro interviews Franco Battiato during (H)itWeek, the Los Angeles festival that is redefining the way Americans look at Italy and Italian music...

Italian Trade Commission. Fancy Food 2009. New York. Interview with Aniello Musella

NYC. Fancy Food 2009. Interview with Aniello Musella, Executive Director of the Italian Trade Commission in the USA. Realized by Letizia Airos Soria, Fulvio Minichini, and Marina...

Renzo Arbore with i-Italy. Part 1- Italian TV and New Media

i-Italy met Renzo Arbore at the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute and spent a whole morning with him. Born and raised in Italy, Renzo has always felt a special bond with...

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