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Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò

“Telling Naples to the World”. Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe on His Imminent Visit to New York

The Cardinal of Naples will be in New York this coming January, where he will meet the Italian community, personalities of the cutural and artistic world, academics, scholars, men...

One World. Chatting with Claudio Baglioni

Letizia Airos & Maria Rita Latto

One of the most beloved artists in Italian popular music history speaks with us from Rome about his tour which will come to New York with a much-anticipated concert at the Angel...


"A Lab for the New Italian South: A CONVERSATION WITH NICHI VENDOLA" Wednesday, November 17 · 2010 . Nichi Vendola(President of Apulia) in conversation with Pasquale Pasquino...

"Vincere": The Hidden Passions of Benito Mussolini

Benedetta Grasso

Director Marco Bellocchio presented his last movie at Casa Italiana in September 2009. Now the time has come for "Vincere" to be released in the United States on March 17 2010

Franco Battiato si racconta a New York

Franco Battiato alla Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò della NYU risponde al direttore Stefano Albertini e si racconta. Parla del suo ultimo singolo "Inners Auge" con cui attacca la...

Talking with Music at Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò. Roy Paci, Marco Cappelli, Mauro Pagani and Sun

New York October 13th - Roy Paci & Aretuska, Marco Cappelli, Mauro Pagani and Sun on their experience of translating the traditional italian music in a contemporary way. The...

Tzvi Avni on Primo Levi

A video message by Israeli composer Tzvi Avni, whose performance inaugurated the International Symposium "New Voices on Primo Levi" (New York, October 25th)

Lorenzo Jovanotti at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimó (NYU)

Stagisti Inverno 2009

Antonio Monda & Stefano Albertini interwieved Lorenzo Jovanotti at Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò - NYU (February 20, 2009). Lorenzo Cherubini aka Jovanotti talks about music,...

Neapolitan Music Society - New York World Premiere

Eleonora Mazzucchi

A brief preview from the Neapolitan Music Society of one of their recovered pieces, presented in world premiere at NYU's Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò

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