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Letters from Rome

August 24, 2009

Italy Seen from the Beach

Judith Harris

For journalists this is traditionally the silly season, when anything goes, as long as it’s entertainment. Alas, this beach season has brought a host of serious problems...

July 24, 2009

Hot Pot Stirs up Sizzling Debate

Judith Harris

The "hot pot" was stolen from a tomb at the ancient Etruscan site of Cerveteri, on the seacoast due north of Rome, and was illegally marketed to the Met. Although today the museum...

July 14, 2009

Whatever happened to culture?

Judith Harris
Woman Reading Mujer Leyendo, a painting by Fernando Botero

Some of Italy’s top museums and archaeological sites are showing a decline in popularity, reversing the trend for steady growth for the first time in two decades. Moreover,...

July 9, 2009

A Walk on the Margins of the G8

Judith Harris

Who are the real protagonists of the G8 meeting?

June 27, 2009

Council for the US and Italy. CEO of Fiat-Chrysler is the new Italian Chairman

Judith Harris

Sergio Marchionne accepted the nomination to become the new Italian chairman for the the Council for the US and Italy, the binational non-profit organization founded in Venice in...

June 19, 2009

Rubbish and More Rubbish

Judith Harris

In a country in dismay, the Church asks Mr Berlusconi "to clear the air." Italian bishops urge the Premier to respond not only to political adversaries, but also to "that part of...

June 16, 2009

Berlusconi Meets Obama. And We Fear Another Gaffe...

Judith Harris

On Monday, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi met with President Obama at the White House. We were all waiting for another embarrassing gaffe to add to the long list of Mr..

June 8, 2009

Representatives to the European Parliament. Reading the Results

Judith Harris

This past weekend’s vote for representatives to the European Parliament was read beforehand as a chance to show massive personal support for Premier Silvio Berlusconi and to...

June 5, 2009

European Parliament. The right to vote seriously

Judith Harris

Sunday’s election will tell us at the very least which matters more to voters, ethics or tolerance of human frailty, upbeat telepopulism or the dingy discipline of elementary...

May 19, 2009

Monica Lewinsky or Noemi Letizia? Flings and Politics in Italy

Judith Harris

Many look at Letizia Noemi as an Italian version of Monica Lewinsky. But while Clinton's popularity fell dramatically after his extramarital affair, Berlusconi's has sagged by a...

March 8, 2009

Italy’s Most Powerful Woman

Judith Harris

Although several attractively youthful and well dressed women hold cabinet slots in Italy today, they are dwarfed by Emma Marcegaglia, head of Italy’s National Association of...

February 25, 2009

Warrior Archaeologists on the March

Judith Harris
The Roman Forum

Italy's Culture Minister Sandro Bondi announced that the government will appoint a special commissioner to deal with the country's "archaeological emergency". Looming in the...

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