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Tutti a Bordo!! - The day after

Tutti a Bordo!! - The day after

Commissione Giovani NY (June 17, 2009)
Alex Kroke
Moment in Bronx, NY

Our tale about the event held at Bronx, NY - Tutti a Bordo!!!



On June 13th CGNY experienced what some would say could only happen in New York.  In the Bronx, that is. 

Commissione Giovani NY, in collaboration with Com.It.Es NY & CT, decided to host its first event outside of Manhattan, and in the Bronx, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Little Italy.  An enthused and eager group of Italians & Italian Americans started their journey to the famous Arthur Avenue for a taste of what Bronxians call their "home away from home." As we tumbled out of the vans, against the backdrop of never-ending rain, we were immediately struck by the quaint and warm atmosphere that surrounded us. 

There where no skyscrapers, or bumper to bumper traffic, or even pollution. Instead we were confronted
with a friendly, hospitable environment that was not only a surprise to our Manhattan accustomed eyes, but a relief. 
To our fortune, things only got better from there. We made our
way to Mike's Deli, a formidable family business that has been in existence for over 100 years and still produces some of the freshest food, such as home-made mozzarella, as well as some of the most sought after, Italian imports.  After having travelled a considerable distance, we were greeted with a variety of homemade panini, mozzarella, affettati, and wine.  Not to mention David Grecco, owner of Mike's Deli, who shared the history of his family business and his attachment to his Italian heritage.

In that cozy market we also enjoyed a sampling of some great cigars that were kindly offered by “La Casa del Sigaro”.

After having satisfied our palettes, we were ready to move on to the next venture:  Wine and Cheese tasting at Umberto's.  Of course, more food!  After all, we were celebrating the 100th anniversary of Little Italy in the Bronx. What better way to show our appreciation to our "home away from home" than to eat and drink our fellow paesani out of house and home. 

It goes without saying that Michele, owner of Umberto's, showed us the same warmth and genuine enthusiasm for Italian food, culture, and language, which we had previously experienced at Mike's Deli. After having enjoyed a few glasses of wine, and delightful conversations with our fellow CG members, some of whom travelled from Miami, Philadelphia and Washington DC to support us (Friendships that were fostered after a meeting with Commissione Giovani representatives from across the USA at the Italian Embassy in DC a few months ago.), we decided it was time to walk the streets of the Bronx and see what this festival was really all about. 

Lucky for us, the rain subsided which gave us free range to turn into big children and roam the streets hoping to win at those impossible carnival games.

We browsed the shops for Italian music and films; we stopped in to the local church to see who was winning the latest gambling game; and we tried yet another time to make the impossible possible and test our Italian luck at those carnival games again. 

f course we did not manage to win, but we did manage to have an amazing time.  An event that ended with our CGNY board members taking the stage  to thank the sponsors and participants who helped to get us to this special place we also came to know and call as our "home away from home." 

One hundred years in the making and still going strong, there's a reason why they say Forza Azzuri.

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