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About Milano

About Milano

Dom Serafini (May 2, 2009)

Letter sent to the "Financial Times" and published May 2nd.


I read with interest your weekend feature, “Europe's Cinderella,” about the city of Milan, which was picked up the next day by Il Corriere della Sera, Italy's largest daily.

     In my view, the problem with Milan is not just structural, but attitudinal. I'm from Abruzzo, the central region hit by the earthquake, and I always loved Milan. Some 20 years ago I was able to fulfill my dream and buy an apartment in Milan (near where David Beckham lives). Naturally, I'm also a fan of the AC Milan football team.
     Recently, however, I've started seeing changing attitudes towards the city. First, the city dies during weekends. One could find more people visiting the city cemetery than walking in the streets. Only Chinese and Arab-run bar and restaurants are open.
At every opportunity, the Milanese run away from their city to their country houses. It is as if the Milanese hate Milan.
     Second, the city parks are simply a disgrace. They're unkempt, having been taken over by owners of dangerous, excrement-producing dogs who scare people when walking near what can only be considered loaded guns.
     Then, there is the question of incompetence. Take for example the Malpensa airport (we call it Malapensata or “bad thought”). Could you even find a facility that is run worse in any developing (forget about comparison with a “developed” country?
     Finally, the major, who is considered a good administrator, was inexplicably pushing for a notoriously incompetent person to run preparations for the city's 2015 Expo, until Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi nixed the appointment.

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