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Crazy Craigslist

Crazy Craigslist

Damiano Beltrami (October 17, 2008)

A finance yuppy advertises a really cheap room for a lady between 18 and 27 that is fine with walking around the house in her underwear


Like lasagne, linguine and limoncello, surfing Craigslist can be addictive. At times, dangerous. Certainly, it can lead you to weird lands. When you feel slightly dazed and are almost convinced you had too many whiskey and coke, don’t panic. You are perfectly sober. The ad you’re reading is not a joke, it’s actually true.

This guy, Keith, a finance yuppy, advertises a really cheap room for a woman between 18 and 27 that is fine with walking around the house in her underwear. For an Italian folk, the sexiest thing about it is not the request. There are plenty of finance yuppies with busy lives and few screws loses in Milan’s bars too. The most enticing thing is definitely how this naughty Wall Street dude organizes, in a coherent and consistent fashion, a number of pseudo-arguments to support his cheeky desiderata. At the beginning, Keith acknowledges that the ad to some people can come across as very offensive. But he soon explains his point: “Consider that some people have views of life different from yours.” Then he spells out why he would fancy a girl hanging around the place not too wrapped up into clothes: “My social life is pretty much inexistent, I really want to put some spice in my life.” Finally, Keith focuses on the roomate’s duties. “You don’t have to strip for me, think about a long-term relationship or being my fake girlfriend. No physical contact. Just be the girl who walks around in underwear. Send a picture. It doesn’t have to be a provoking picture, but it would help.” An Italian finance yuppy would not have invested time in trying to explaining why overtly spying a consenting hot roommate washing a coffee machine is not strictly against the law. He would have devoted all his precious time in the interviewing process.

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