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Brilliant Affirmative Prayer

Brilliant Affirmative Prayer

Darrell Fusaro (August 19, 2014)
Fusaro 2014

Don't hold back.


Don't hold back.  The language of resistance is pain.  Ernest Holmes makes it clear, "Resistance is the offspring of fear and ignorance, nonresistance is the offspring of love." 

As a small boy I came to the conclusion that smiling was a sign of weakness: tough guys don't smile.  Whether or not this had to do with watching movies or how my aggressive father maneuvered through life doesn't matter.  What matters is that I believed it.  "You'll lose respect if you smile," was one of the predominant thoughts in my head.  The other was the dread of being confronted by, "What the f**k are you smiling at?"

Living by this belief was exhausting, because without realizing it I was swimming against the stream of life.  The stream that nourishes and protects.  Today it's obvious that my thinking was backwards.  A smile is not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of confidence. 

It takes guts to step boldly past the distorted thoughts of fear and risk Sbeing judged.  But every time I do I feel rejuvenated.  I'm able to move through situations with ease attracting wonderful coincidences that renew my faith that Life really is tilted in our favor. 

*Listen to our podcast  If You Feel Like a Twisted Sister, It's Time to Be a Nonresister to hear more examples of the prospering benefits of nonresistance.

I use the following affirmative prayer often.  It gives me comfort in knowing it is not I "but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works."  This relieves any self imposed mental burden I may have concerning my performance and ability. 

The Power Within Blesses All

The Power within me is blessing all mankind, and is forever healing all with whom I come in contact.  The Power within me is God, and It must bless and help and heal all who come near It.  Silently the work goes on, and silently all are being helped by this Inner Power which is operating through me.  I will give thanks that my Power within is silently blessing and helping every one to whom my thought reaches.

The Life within me blesses all mankind.
-- from Meditations, The Science of Mind pg 530, by Ernest Holmes

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