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The Big Decision

The Big Decision

Dom Serafini (August 31, 2012)

Why we have to vote for President Obama, even if we're not to happy about it.


 By Dom Serafini. I voted for President Obama in 2008 and I’ll vote for him again, but, like many Americans, I’m disappointed with the President.

Americans cannot vote for the 3G men (Guns, God and GOP), we all know that.

Americans know that the 3G men represent rich people and not the middle class.

But Americans are not happy with President Obama and this should be out in the open. It’s a great opportunity for President Obama to clear the air from many misconceptions.

Surely, my approach will favor a victory by default, but it is an honest position.

Like many Americans, I’m not happy that Republican-led banks are still creating havoc in the U.S. (foreclosure, money-laundering, speculation, etc.).

I’m not happy that Republican-sponsored deregulations still penalize Americans.

I’m not happy that a Republican-spearheaded war in Afghanistan is still taking billions of dollars away from American families.

I’m not happy that Republican-supported lobbyists still dictate policies in the U.S.

I’m not happy that Republican-loved rich people pay less taxes than middle class families.

I’m not happy that a Republican-created government deficit is still taking financial resources away from the public sector.

 Basically, I’m not happy with all the problems caused by the past Republican administration (and speeches heard at the RNC reflect these problems), but I’m also unhappy with the results that President Obama has achieved so far.

Naturally, Americans cannot vote for those who created those problems in the first place, but we need a President with more resolve.


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