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What's Your Hebrew Name? Everyone's Got One. Click Here!

What's Your Hebrew Name? Everyone's Got One. Click Here!

Darrell Fusaro (December 20, 2011)
Fusaro 2011

Hanukkah begins today. Although I'm not Jewish, I began to wonder if I had a Hebrew name?


My wife's roller derby teammate, Martine Tiggz Tendler, is a Facebook friend of mine and just posted, "Happy Hanukkah! Tell me your Hebrew name. Mine's "Malka Shayna." 

Although I'm not Jewish, I began to wonder if I had a Hebrew name?  This gave me a wonderful feeling.  A strong contrast to the strange feelings I would have during this time of year as a kid.  It was the only time I felt different from my friends: we had Christmas and they had Hanukkah.  Why was there a difference?  Did it matter?  I would ask my Italian-American father all sorts of questions.  "Santa still visits "Karate Joe" (my friend Joseph), right?"  Then I heard a rumor that my Jewish friends didn't just get one day of presents, they got eight!  All this caused confusion and made me feel different than my otherwise close friends.  The good news was - once we were back at school after the New Year and showing off and bragging about the gifts we got, whether it was through Hanukkah or Christmas, it mattered very little.  Once again life returned to the way in which I believe God intended: all inclusive.

So this feeling of wonder that Tiggs inspired urged me to set out and see if I could discover if I had a Hebrew name.  And I do!  Yes, there is a website where all I had to identify myself as either "Yalda" (girl) or "Yeled" (boy), type in my name, "Darrell," click on "Let's ask God..." and sure enough, just like I suspected, I have a Hebrew name and it's "Mordechai."  What's yours?
If you don't know already aren't you curious?  Click here and discover your Hebrew name.  It's easy, and fun.

Thank you Martine Tiggz Tendler.  Your innocent inquiry holds the true spirit of this holiday season, which is the simple and wonderful reminder that - "We're all in this together."

Wishing all my friends, family, and all those that read this, the gift of happiness.

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