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Tri-State Tournament - Screening Match

Tri-State Tournament - Screening Match

Commissione Giovani NY (August 21, 2009)
Fabio Toenlli
Tri-State Tournament Commissione Giovani NY, NJ and PA

Commissione Giovani is organizing a Tri-state tournament of Soccer with Philaedlphia, NJ and NY on Sept 5th.


CG NY is building a team to compete in the tri-state soccer tournament against CG NJ and CG Philadelphia
The Tournament will be held in Hoboken, NJ on September 5th (more details will follow). BBQ and beers with all the friends there to continue the day! :)
All rules will follow soon

NY set a screening match on August 23rd at Pier 40. If you are interested to come on the screening match, send an email to [email protected]

The best 14 will be the dream team that will participate at the tournament.
Requirement to be part of the team: Italian or Italian-Americans; Age: 18 - 35
The participants so far are:
1. Fabio Tonelli
2. Luca Brasi
3. Massimo Giannesi
4. Francesco Panzieri
5. Max Knobbe
6. Ivo Castaldo
7. Carlo Scotto
8. Roberto Lembo
9. Marco Galgani
10. Tommaso Salvadori
11. Nicola Caria
12. Nico Di Iorio
13. Eric Volpe
14. Giuseppe Fontana
15. Gabriele Lamonaca
16. Nicola Marchioro
17. Filippo Masetti
18. Graziano Casale
19. ...

Cheerleaders are welcome!

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