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L'Italia al tempo di Capaci

(25 11 2014) Alessandro Milone

Quando avevo vent'anni di Ettore de Lorenzo, giornalista Rai

Michael and Vito

(14 05 2014) George De Stefano

I had been following the Michael Sam story with some interest, but when I found out who his boyfriend is, it really grabbed my attention.

Mobsters in Sin City

(13 03 2014) Laura E. Ruberto

The Las Vegas Mob Museum doesn’t know what to do with all those Italian American gangsters everyone loves to talk about so much.

Il mandarino è la legalita?

(11 12 2013) Peppe Voltarelli

le tribolazioni di un mandarino semplice

Palermo and its Mafia revisited

(30 07 2012) Judith Harris

To this day the full story of the murders of Falcone and Borsellino twenty years ago, while clearly a direct result of their anti-Mafia prosecutions, remains an enigma shrouded in...

A Tough Guy’s Actions Expose a Soft Spot

(20 06 2012) Darrell Fusaro

At age fourteen I defended us against the black mafia and experienced my dad's love.

Roberto Saviano and the Problems of Italian America

(03 01 2012) Anthony Julian Tamburri

Along with the various observations that have been made by three of our esteemed colleagues (De Stefano, Gardaphé, Krase), and I must emphasize that I am in agreement as well...

Silence Is Not the Answer

(22 12 2011) Fred Gardaphe

Saviano is right. Silence is not the answer; protesting dramatic portrayals of mafiosi is not the answer. Italian Americans have spent more time and money fighting fictional...

Sodom versus Gomorra

(21 12 2011) Jerry Krase

In the second of a series of commentaries by Italian-American intellectuals on Roberto Saviano's recent talk about Mafia at the New York University, Jerry Krase “agree(s)...

Massimo Ciancimino: Dynamite in the Garden of Justice

(29 04 2011) Judith Harris

The three years of Ciancimino's testimony in three separate Mafia trials risk being compromised

On both sides of the Atlantic, pride in anti-mob action

(31 01 2011) Judith Harris

While in New York nearly 125 are arrested in “the largest mob roundup in F.B.I. history" Italian Senator and former governor of Sicily Salvatore Cuffaro is sentenced to 7 years...

Conversando con Carlo Lucarelli

(25 11 2010) Letizia Airos

Ci siamo seduti a parlare di romanzi gialli, "rompiscatole", televisione e politica italiana con il noto scrittore di noir e conduttore TV. Questa la nostra conversazione, quasi...

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