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Kublai Khan’s Revenge: The Silk Road is a Two-way Street

(17 04 2019) Jerry Krase

In 1295 Marco Polo returned home to Venice from Kublai Khan’s Court near Beijing, China. Seven centuries later, China’s current Khan -- Xi Jinping -- is returning the favor...


(08 02 2013) Bianca Sorminis

...In this period the grayness of this city is lit up by the red decorations: paper lanterns, good luck scrolls, zodiac animal signs…homes and buildings made up to look their...

The foreign Taitai (housewife) and the grocery shopping in Shanghai

(22 01 2013) Bianca Sorminis

Maybe for fear of the ‘(un)known’ or maybe because it feels more natural to buy products whose name you can read, maybe for the nostalgia that grips you when you’re so far...

APPARENTLY, IN CHINA SANDALS ARE NOT SHOES...(a semantic dissertation on shoes)

(25 05 2012) Bianca Sorminis

I LOVE SCHOOL UNIFORMS I think they are great, they are a great leveler…they make all students look the same, regardless of how big their parents’ wallet is… I wish I had a...

Adopting Liam, Different Kind of Labor. We Can Liam, and We Will

(01 05 2012) Bianca Sorminis

Like in a hospital nursery where new parents smile at each other, exchanging congratulations and commenting on their babies’ hair, eye color, skin complexion and weight…so all...

The Sorminis: Who We Are

(15 02 2012) Bianca Sorminis

I’m from Italy, Paul is from Australia (but born from Italian parents) and we live in China. My daughters are growing up in China but are never going to be Chinese, no matter...

China is Finally Near

(07 01 2012) Judith Harris

Last week in Rome, a Chinese shop owner named Zhou Zeng, his wife Lia and baby daughter, Joy, six months old, were leaving their store when two men whose faces were hidden by...

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